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Sunday, January 29, 2006

1918 : Spanish Flu

One of the most devastating pandemic in the History, with the Plague in Mediaeval Ages, is the flu known as "Spanish Flu", which made a final point to the WWI - millions of deaths worlwide, the amount is always unknown, but some cities as Philadelphia were hit by threatening waves.
The flu affected mainly young people. The lack of antibiotics and respiratory assistance explains the ratet of deaths. Its infectiousness looked highest, and the cloth/gauze masks were likely not an enough efficient protection against contamination. In public places of San Francisco and Philadelphia, as instances, masks were required. On pics and some short news movies, we can see how heavily covered were the nurses.


  • At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great site Anita! I noticed there are pictures of masks fitted for children. Been searching high and low for these, can you tell me what brand these are? I assume they are N95 rated?

    Thanks for all of your hard work putting this all into one place. I know for my family, I have spent the past 2 days just researching N95's and another 4 hours today just pricing the 9211's out so this site is much appreciated.



  • At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    The Alpha Pro Respirators are available at


    They are a distributor on the East Coast

  • At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Taz said…

    Anita, How many masks should I order considering a 18months BF?

    Which website can I order these from?

    Where can I buy the goggles shown on your webpage?


  • At 7:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am still so confused. Can you just give 2 choices of masks we should buy? Thank you so much!!!!

  • At 1:46 AM, Blogger Anita said…

    Please apologize I tried to reply xia the mail I received from you , in fact relayed by the site, and i got no reply.
    SO please email me directly to anita.mail@wanadoo.fr, it will be easier than using the site for such exchange of infos ...
    Tell me masks for which use (home patient caring, working outside in crowded place or as employees, travelling in urban places,and for which kind of people - adult male or female, teens, infants ...?
    think too you have to protect the eyes.
    I try to upload the remaining pages to this blog, which is not as convenient as a traditional web site for searching infos.


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