Avian Flu Personal Protection

Monday, February 13, 2006


Goggles: they are a must if you have to be protected against viral contamination, since these infected particulates are able to enter every human mucous membranes, nose indeed but ... your eyes! They prevent too your contaminated hands, mask, to get in contact with your eyes.
Higly recommanded in crowded places, required for close contact with infectious or suspect people if you dont wear a hood or a full face mask.

They should be skin tight fit; normal safety glasses are not the best protection.
You have the choice between vent and ventless, the more protective are indeed the ventless models.

Among ventless you will find :
- models in silicone or plastic material, "airtight" (against splashes and irritating dusts) :

- and "gastight", rubber goggles, against chemical, irritating aerosols, smoke and gasses; these are the easiest to be decontaminated.

Two concerns with goggles :
They are difficult to fit to the skin AND to the half mask.
Fogging due to the perspiration of your skin under the goggles; reduced by antifogging screens or sprays.

Face screens can be found, which wraps the face entirely. Efficient against projections, but not airtight.


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