Avian Flu Personal Protection

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Healthcare masks 1

Masks specially designed for healthcare staffs are used against transmissible diseases as tuberculosis. They look more like a surgical mask, and are less bulky than other respirators, yet the filtering rate is N95 and the breathing resistance higher than a surgical. They must be worn by an infectious or suspect patient, since they have not an exhalation valve, and can be worn by any nurse or paramedic, or visitor.
The first model is the orange duck bill Tecnol by Kimberly, easy to don, disposable. Must be discarded after 2 or 3 hours use.
The second model is the Alpha ProTech mask "Positive Facial Lock", which is cumbersome to fit perfectly and must be discarded after use. Yet it is designed to fit a several face size, which is useful, and can be worn for several hours.


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